New Lance Warranty Increase to 24 Months. Including, Parts and Labor, on All 2013 Model Year and Newer.    This is a testimony to the quality of the Lance scooters and value customers get for MSRPs under $2,000.

 What is my warranty and how does it work?
SYM scooters are covered by a 24 months Limited Warranty. SYM warranty all parts of the vehicle except items listed under the caption “Warrant Exclusions” below. Warranty covers any repairs needed to correct defect in material or workmanship.You must properly use, maintain and care for the vehicle as outlined in the Owner’s manual. You must maintain a record of the vehicle’s required periodic service and inspection. Periodic service and inspection are considered regular maintenance and are not reimbursable.

The following are “Warrant Exclusions”

  • Any damage resulting from negligence of the periodic maintenance.
  • Any damage which results from repairs, adjustments or maintenance operation by any methods other than those specified by SYM Powersports.
  • Any damage which results from hard driving due to race, rally or operation in a location not generally used for driving.
  • Any damage which results from use beyond the limitations specified in the Operations Manuals such as overloading the vehicle, or any damage from the use under a normal condition.
  • Any damage caused when the product is used as a rental vehicle.
  • Any damage which results from use of non-genuine parts of accessories or fuel, lubricant or fluid not specified by SYM Powersports.
  • Any damage which results from modifications of the product.
  • Any damage that results from the passage of time (natural fading of painted surface, shell peeling and other deterioration); Consumable replacement parts due to natural wears and tears such as spark plugs, drive chains, air cleaners elements, brake shoes, clutch disks, light bulbs, batteries, rubber parts, tube & tires, oils and cables.
  • Any damage due to improper storage or transport.
  • Any damage which results from repairs adjustment or maintenance operations performed by any person other than SYM Powersports distributors or authorized dealers.
  • Any damage which results from unavoidable natural disasters, fire, collision, theft, and second damages base in any of these occurrences.
  • Incidental of additional expenses insured for making any claims such as those for towing, communications, hotel and meals as well as any losses during maintenance period, such as lose of time loss of business and rental car expenses.
  • Schedule maintenance and inspection fees.

 Is my warranty transferable?     No, your warranty is only valid to the original registered owner.

If I install aftermarket performance parts, will that void my warranty?
Yes, any performance modifications will alter factory setting and may disrupt your scooters reliability and longevity. Modifications may also effect emissions which can be a legal issue as well.